Tiger Tiger!

The latest artwork has taken a form all its own… tigers that went rainbow.  Inspired by both the magnetic energy of the animals themselves, and also the power of movement that they carry, I found some inspiration -- and explanation, in the following quote.  From "Tigers in Snow" by Peter Mattheissen, 

"If you want to hunt the tiger, first you must make sure the tiger is not hunting you.  And to know that, you must first hunt within yourself." -- Mochtar Lubis

Art seems to be one of the best ways of hunting one's inner tigers…  To see one's mood right there on the page, transformed into colors & shapes when all is said and done.  

The vibrant energy of the dancer pictured here [Eleanor King], controlled yet free, seemed to drive the work forward.  It's no surprise that the art itself took a turn towards the abstract and an unexpected color palette.  Hopefully it becomes a fierce textile design soon;) --Jackie

TIGERS!.. in the making

TIGERS!.. in the making