Return to Camp

Nothing better than a 4th of July weekend spent on the island I grew up on… painting!

Summers from age 9 were devoted to a Girl Scout Camp in the Adirondack Mts. of New York State -- a gorgeous tree-covered spot with lake views all around.  This weekend, my mission was to create new signage for the camp, transforming traditional brown wood planks with text into welcoming scenes.  

We managed to scrounge up varnish in the woodshop, some blue, green and white acrylic paint -- and then a terribly old (prewar?) tube of red oil.  The resulting works were a fun experiment in a new medium, dotted with sailboats and little flag posts.  The inevitable oversight?  Oil paint takes days or weeks to dry!  So our little red buildings will need some extra time in the sun:)

Pics below!  

xoxo Jackie

P.S. The camp is undergoing a huge revitalization effort -- it has recently been bought by the Alumni and Friends of Eagle Island after a major fundraising campaign to save the camp from being sold.  If you can contribute, PLEASE DO.

Lodge (site where the Adirondack Chair was painted!), 2016

Sailboats never get old..

Adirondack Great Camp architecture

Happiest kind of work.

Happiest kind of work.

Art in Action :)

Art in Action :)