Farm to Ballet… Art.

When Farm to Ballet began, it was just a twinkle in the eyes… of several devoted adult ballet students, and one inspiring, adventurous teacher - Chatch Pregger.  I was lucky to be a dancer in the first and second seasons, 2015 & 16 -- and created the artwork & logo to launch the state’s very first annual traveling outdoor ballet show.  For the artwork, the executive team for the project had requested “a dancer with mountains and farm.  And maybe some vegetables. Can you do that?”

Of course I said Yes. :)  The work took longer than expected, as the perfection needed to get a ballet dancer “just right” is a bit maddening (The lines ARE everything!).  Fortunately I had already spent several years intermittently studying/drawing dancers in the adult classes, and about 6 years of taking class myself.  [Admittedly somewhat in love with the inherent capacity for beauty that the body seems to possess, made so visible through ballet..]

The inspiration for the mountains and farm views came from books, as it was mid-winter.  Artwork was hand-done in watercolor, as well as a black pen version that became the logo.  The colors were shifted in photoshop to create richer, deeper tones.

And a star-filled show was born.  The real magic was left to the dancers and choreographer ;) I was glad to be able to help out and give back a little piece of Vermont, the state that has so inspired me!

To check out the show & find out more, visit  ALSO, pick up a T-shirt or totebag and support the project.

Farm to Ballet Logo by JHeloise

Farm to Ballet Logo by JHeloise