Leaving Las Vegas...

I am not at all leaving Las Vegas… but somehow it seemed like the most fitting title!  (Thank you, Sheryl Crow, for gifting us that song -- and frame of mind).  I'm leaving Vermont.

Before leaving, however, I was able to collaborate with photographer Lauren Mazzotta on the beautiful product and profile shots you see on the new website.  It was an incredibly fun shoot, held on location at a friend's family barn/studio/office.  You'll see the magical castle-like feeling it seems to hold, in photo #1 (pardon the camera-phone grittiness).  A cross between an English barn, Adirondack Retreat, and stunning Chateau…  This is the workspace of the Garrett's, the creators of the new Ivy Hotel in Baltimore.  Chic and glorious.  It was inspirational, to say the least!

We photographed greeting cards galore, and enjoyed the August day in Vermont - sun shining, mountains in full sun, and animals roaming.  I'm leaving Vermont for New York City, where I hope to pursue some new creative projects..  I'll miss all this terribly, but I'm looking forward to a new pace, a new sort of sunrise. :)

P.S. Don't worry, I will keep you posted!                                                                                                         P.P.S. Thank you so much to the Garretts!!

Garrett Barn JHeloise
JHeloise Barn Collage
Garrett Hotel Group